Grasshopper Music is releasing its 8th and 9th albums in the next few months.

Trio Andaluz - Sights Unseen
Release date: March 27th
Meagan Chandler - voice, Gregory Gutin - percussion, Jeremy Bleich - oud
Featuring six new original compositions and one cover of an Elliot Smith song.

Trio Andaluz on facebook


And Kodama Trio's debut album


Release date: TBA
Robert Muller - piano, Milton Villarrubia III - drums, Jeremy Bleich - bass
Featuring nine new original compositions and one cover of a Jimi Hendrix song.

Kodama Trio on facebook
Kodama Trio official site

Here is a recent review of Kodama Trio's debut album on All About

Grasshopper Music releases its 7th disk - Jamie Russell's Santa Fe Sessions.

This disk was recorded at Grasshopper Music Studios
in July of 2013 and released 1.25.14.


On the recording is a who's who of Santa Fe musicians including:
Felicia Ford, Justin Lindsey, Paige Barton, Daniel Murphy, Joaquin Gallegos, Ben Wright,
Karina Wilson, and Prakash Spex.
Co-produced by Jamie Russell and Jeremy Bleich and mixed and mastered @GrasshopperMusic.

$12 for the disk +$3 shipping.
have a listen to samples here:

Trio Andaluz - debut disk is here!!!


Trio Andaluz is an Acoustic trio of voice, oud and arabic and persian percussion.
Their music is a fusion of North African styles and rhythms with Western songs and free improvisations.

From Santa
"Other highlights ... the Middle Eastern stylings of anything tied to the talented Jeremy Bleich (the self-titled Trio Andaluz, Meagan Chandler's -Sensual)."

Meagan Chandler - voice
Jeremy Bleich - oud
Gregory Gutin - percussion

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$15 Includes shipping to U.S.

GoGoSnapRadio's debut disk "The Spaces In Between" is now available on Itunes, cd baby, and here
GoGoSnapRadio is:

Jeremy Bleich and Sarah Jane Moody.

trash pop with toy drums, casio keyboards, metals, glockenspiel, and found objects.
you can download the music from itunes or follow this link to cd baby.... visit us on facebook or on our website:


Love And Emma Goldman: A Rock Opera is now available on Itunes! You can also obtain a physical copy of the beautifully packaged disk by clicking the buy now button below.  The Disk includes all of the original words written by Emma Goldman with sources on the disk.

$15 includes shipping to the U.S.

Circus Lumious 2009 is available for digital download here

Original compositions by Jeremy Bleich

Meagan Chandler - voice
Tony Barba - sax/clarinet
Sharon Gilchrist - mandolin
Brain Mayhall - keys/bass
Hillary Schacht - vioin
Paul "Feathericci" Groetzinger - drums/electronics
Jeremy Bleich - piano/guitar/toy piano  

The Cleveland Trio disk has had its official release and is available here. the disk documents a rare performance of the trio, (josh smith- sax (sanfrancisco), carmen castaldi - drums (cleveland), jeremy bleich - bass (santa fe) at the 2007 high mayhem festival.
The Cleveland Trio' is a beautiful document of this group playing in it's most natural environement of free improvisation, and spontaneous composition, carefully mixed, mastered and presented with fantastic cover artwork by Ben Dewey, a great artist and fellow native Lakewoodite!
The disks are printed on recycled chipboard 4 panel covers printed by stumptown printers using natural organic dye in portland oregon and have been carefully mixed by josh and mastered by jeremy. This cd represents the culmination of a 10 year long relationship of free exploration by 3 of cleveland's most celebrated improvisers.....

here is a review from the performance:

"...The way people were talking about the set by improvisational jazz group Cleveland Trio, you would have thought the sky had fallen". - The Santa Fe Reporter
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$17 (includes shipping) released july 2009

coup de circ: a revolution in one ring is the latest album of music i wrote for wisefool's production of the same name which toured canada spring 2009. the music includes piano, melodica, oud, string trios, toy piano, guitar and an array of exotic percussion. contributers include: sitaura schauer on violin and viola, michael kott on cello, and gregory gutin and paul fethericci on percussion.

although written for wisefool's production, this collection is a love letter to my grandparents and reflects the music of hungary and romania as a point of departure and inspiration.

coup de circ is a limited edition cdr release, complete w/ old fashioned stamp printing, on an album sleeve cover
i only have a few left, so get em while their available!

$12 (w/ shipping) released may 2009

the medjool debut disk now available
on the ins site for digital download - click the image below to go there and listen/download. .. .or. .. .

buy the physical disk featuring a chipboard fold over origami case w/ organic dye printing from stumptown printers
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read the review from the santa fe reporter


$15(includes shipping) released march 2008

circus luminous:
wisefool's annual circus extravaganza includes death diffying feats of trapeeze, acrobatics, stilts and music!

i composed and directed the music in 2008 w/ an allstar cast of musicians from santa fe, sanfrancisco and boulder to bring it to life. this recording is a 24 multitrack recording engineered by alex neville and mixed and mastered by me. the music reflects a huge array of culture and instrumentation pulling from the balkans, contemporary classical,and pop idioms. it is only available only in the digital download format at the infinite number of sounds website.

click the pic to listen/download at INS site



luminous 2009 is also available here


eftah (open) is the fruit of twelve months of careful development of composition, form, improvisation and electronic manipulation sourced and sampled from the oud, an ancient arabic lute. The music is - in aesthetic - an extension of traditional forms incorporating sufi chant and taqsim as well as modern developments in playing and avant electronica. The oud is used as the main sound source (w/ some voice and clapping added). The instrument is recorded in complete performance, sampled and then manipulated digitally to create the final pieces. Samples of the oud are layered and effected to design sound enviroments ranging from ambient sheets to harsh percussive attacks.

this music began as a collaboration between andrew stoltz and jeremy bleich for an art installation but changed shape when the duo got invited to perform at the nweamo international electronic music festival ( this festival was held in Mexico City, Portland, OR and San Diego, CA. eftah was also invited to perfrom at the High Mayhem experimental music festival ( in Santa Fe, NM. the focus was then shifted to produce a full length recording which was completed in the fall.

in addition to collaborative pieces, there are also 3 short songs included - solo oud pieces recorded using various techniques.

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eftah: $12

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     released september 2005



  avant-garde group birth is well known in many circles including the downtown NYC experimental music scene
and through its extensive touring in the states and in Europe. In the five years the group existed (1999-2004), birth released two studio albums and a booleg disk, played with luminaries such as Joe Maneri and toured with, and or recorded with; Coung Vu, Tim Berne, Chris Speed, Jamie Saft and many others.

Josh Smith - tenor sax, electronics
Joe Tomino - drums, electronics
Jeremy Bleich - bass, electronics

on birth: “awesome and magnificent“. – Wire (U.K.)

"so good its scary". - Harvey Pekar (Jazziz)

Have a listen on Pandora birth on pandora

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3 disk bootleg: $20

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 debut 1999
  find 2002
 3 disk bootleg set 2004

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i have a digital download distribution deal w/ the Infinite Number of Sounds recording company. INS are working in parternship to provide digital distribution in concert w/ physical releases by grasshopper music. they represent the future of music distribution, and i am proud to have them as my representative. a backlog of various music projects are coming soon and will be posted on the INS site at a fair price for your downloading pleasure. .. . visit INS now for a sample of 2008's circus luminous!

all physical releases available through grasshopper music (j.bleich's label) can be obtained by contacting me, or purchasing from this page through a secure paypal account. circus luminous disks are also availble through wise fool new mexico.

grasshopper music releases:
circus luminous 2008

eftah (order here)
coup de circ (music for 2009 wisefool circus production)
available as a limited physical release by contacting me or wisefool.
look for a digital download availble on the ins site in early may. . .

... GoGoSnapRadio's debut album is available on cd baby


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