Jeremy Bleich incorporates a wide palette of culture, ancient and modern instruments, traditions and forms
as well as electronic manipulation into the creative process of composing, performing and recording music.
His approach to the electric bass and the oud have earned him a reputation internationally as an innovator,
and his compositions have been featured in a large range of genres and venues.
Jeremy resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he is involved with presenting new music, as well as
composing and teaching. He holds a degree in music composition from Cleveland State University, where he
studied composition with Bain Murray and ethnomusicology with Dr.T.Temple Tuttle.

Jeremy has performed and/or recorded with
Coung Vu (Pat Metheny Group), microtonalist and creative improviser Joe Maneri, Chris Jonas, Josh Smith (birth),
Carmen Castaldi (Joe Lovano), Joe Tomino (birth, dub trio, Matisyahu), Kevin McCarthy and Nashville songwriter Rick Elias (Ragamuffins).

He has performed on the oud at the Ramadan festival in Tusla, Turkey (2013) with Zevk ensemble (traditional turkish sufi illahis), and also with
Andrew Stoltz (laptop musician/composer) in the oud/laptop duo Eftah, and in Trio Andaluz which released its debut album and toured the Southwest
this past summer.

Jeremy has taught music at the College of Santa Fe (2008-2009), for Artworks (2008-2011), Artsmart (2011-present), Dragonfly school (2010), and develops Operettas for children as a composer in residence through The Santa Fe Opera (2006-present). He also worked with the poet laureate of Santa Fe Joan Logghe composing music for a children's program entitled "Joan and the Giant Pencil"" (2010-2011).

Jeremy composed and directed music for Wise Fool New Mexico's annual Circus Luminous at the
Lensic performing arts center, (2007-2009 + 2011 and 2012, and 2014) and composed music for Wise Fool's
"Coup de Circ: A Revolution in One Ring". which toured Canada in April 2009.


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recent compositions include:

"even after all this time" - a piece for three womans voices (2010), a String Quintet (2011) premiered by the Santa Fe String Quintet, "Suite for Brass Quintet" (2012), and the new work "Quartet for Button Reeds and Strings" (2012).
He has also composed and arranged works for orchestra, (including The Cleveland Youth Orchestra) and for various chamber ensembles.

Love and Emma Goldman: A Rock Opera (2011) - premiered in Santa Fe at the Armory for the Arts May 17th-20th, 2011.
This opera was supported by a generous grant from the California Foundation for Peace and Justice.

Jeremy is currently working a new album of music. Checkout the video below to hear a sample:

Jeremy is also busy producing and releasing recordings through his recording studio and record label,
Grasshopper Music .
Recent releases include:

Trio Andaluz,
Meagan Chandler's Sensual,

Sensual recently won Pick of's best of Santa Fe 2013!

"Blending a whimsical pop sensibility, eclectic global tastes and a passion for performance art, Meagan Chandler has achieved a triumph with her debut solo outing, Sensual. Throughout the album, Chandler switches nimbly between styles as diverse as jazz, salsa, disco, dub reggae and electronica sometimes, as in the case of Eve's Song, within the same track. With Santa Fe's own musical mad professor Jeremy Bleich (of Grasshopper Music) behind the sound, the album proves itself as cohesive as it is eclectic, not an easy task. Sensual is a veritable orgy of sonic bliss." - Todd Eric Lovato Santa

GoGoSnapRadio's debut recording.

From Santa
"Other highlights ... the Middle Eastern stylings of anything tied to the talented Jeremy Bleich (the self-titled Trio Andaluz, Meagan Chandler's -Sensual)."

You can purchase all six releases here


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a partial list of venues where Jeremy has performed include:

North America:
The Knitting Factory (NYC), Tonic (NYC),The Empty Bottle (Chicago), Wesleyan University,
The California Institute of the Arts (L.A.), Plan B (Santa Fe, NM).

Teatro Fondamenta Nuove (Venice, Italy), Cafe Damberd (Gent, Belgium),
Visiones Festival (Mexico City, Mexico), Ramadan festival (Tusla, Turkey)


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please visit the events page to see what's next!


“Jeremy Bleich’s free-jazz shredding and spooky low-string grooves give weight
to this fearless bass/drums/sax trio’s stream of consciousness
- Bass Player Magazine


on eftah: “eftah was the one work on the program that seemed to
fufill the NWEAMO mission of uniting the avant garde with popular music.
jeremy bleich nimbly performed a series of ralph-towner-esque licks on the
oud, which were processed and accompanied by stoltz’s laptop, at times
laying down a thick modal carpet of sustained tones, at others gentle
ripplings of processed notes….”
Christian Hertzog for


on birth:
“awesome and magnificent“. – Wire (U.K.)



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